Scary Maze Game 1 level: not for kids

Scary Maze Game 1A really simple but challenging online puzzle game

 Online games are popular methods of relaxation in today’s busy life, where most of the time of the day is spent before the computer screen. Puzzle games are more loved by people of all ages, young or old. Scary Maze Game 1 is a greatly admired flash game, the first of its kind ever invented with simplicity and excitement packed together.

Scary Maze Game 1 is played at several levels, with very easy procedure for everyone to understand and enjoy it. Firstly a jet black box appears, with the words “START” written in white in a small red box. A small blue dot also appears on the screen, which is to be monitored by the mouse of the computer. This dot is to be clicked on ‘START’ to begin playing the game. Then a picture of white, broad stairs appear on screen, with the words “GOAL” written at the end of it. The dot is to be carefully moved upwards the stairs without rolling down.

 Each click of the mouse is accompanied by a sweet melodic tune, which is quite refreshing. You need to reach the GOAL and when you click on it; a new series of maze appears here. Next you will have to find your way through this maze to reach the next GOAL, by moving the tiny dot all along the maze. If you fail to reach the GOAL in scheduled time, again you are given the option to ‘RETRY’ to start the game freshly again. When the dot is moved along the maze, care should be taken not to clash the dot against the walls of the maze; else you will be again directed to the ‘RETRY’ part, to start the game afresh.

 Scary Maze Game 1 is an online game, which needs Flash video player to run this video game successfully.  It is designed graphically, to be played in very simple procedure. But the game is too easy to play; it demands full attention of the player to play the game, as the dot is supposed to be moved very cautiously, at the same time in quite fast speed. The size of the maze increases with each level, also it becomes more and more complicated; thus the player needs to put in more speed to reach the GOAL in time. Therefore it becomes more challenging for the player with increasing levels of this game. So it makes the player refreshed and alert, even after a hard day’s work.

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Scary Maze Game 1 level: not for kids by


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