Scary Color Vision Deficiency Blindness Test

thumb-color-testFlash games are very interesting and that is why most of the gamers prefer them. Every game has a certain motive for the people and by combining the fun elements it enhances the user’s experience. If you find these games fun filled and attention grabbing then you must try the scary game which is a bit different and also ensures a high level of concentration among the gamers. With a variety of flash games available before you, one can easily choose whichever game you feel is unique as well as full of fun. Among the different scary games, scary color test is a great choice that helps you to determine your vision efficiency.

The main idea behind the game is to carry out a color vision deficiency test and find out whether you are able to differentiate between the different colors or not. It is a very simple game which consists of a circle with a colored number hidden inside. The users have to see and punch the number and check whether you have identified the right number or not. By following the same format, you have to cross different levels and finally you will explore a surprise element at the end. Different colored numbers will come before you thus testing your color vision without any problem.

As you move one level up, the scary game will become slightly tough but you will have to clear it as soon as possible. If you are facing any vision problem, this is the most suitable game as you can check your vision and also ensure color blindness as well. Thus with the help of this test, you can get an idea about your vision accuracy and what kind of eyesight problems you are facing. That is why the game is so much in demand and worth to a large extent.

The game is also capable of the ishihara's test that is especially meant for the color blindness. You just have to find out the number that is represented by the different dots. It also consists of various levels which have to be crossed in order to reach the last level. The reviews of this game have been positive with a number of people admiring the motive of creating this game. So if you want to know about your vision accuracy, you can try this game as it is efficient and useful in a number of ways. Share it with your friends too.

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