Scaring Maze Game 1 2 3: fear around the world

Everybody talks about the internet revolution, but nobody talks about the internet ‘Screamolution’. You know, why we don’t talk about it as much as we talk about smartphones? It is because we are rolling on the floor laughing while one of our friends is scared to death. This little innocent game is called Scary Maze and it has literally scared the s*** out of thousands of people in the world. The scenes from the scariest movie in the world are appropriate to make you believe that there is a real ghost sitting inside your PC. Scenes from the Exorcist, a 1973 movie, have been added to this game and trust us; it is way too scary to talk about.

The beginning of the scary games and the first person to get scared is unknown, but these kind of pranks as old as the internet itself. However, we know that the scary maze game, as we have known for years, came from Winterrowed in the year 2003. If you are a YouTube fan, you must search the internet for some of the most hilarious reactions from people and check whether you laugh hard or the hardest. The game in itself is very simple and any 3rd grader will be able to solve it. The original scary maze game was hardly 3 levels of fun. You had to pass through 3 levels of difficulty. There was a long blue brick attached to a red target and you had to help the little dot reach the target without touching the walls of the brick. Keeping the hand steady was the trick in this game and it also made it more fun.

Published by Erwan