Save Justin Bieber Scary Maze Game

Justin bieber maze gameIf you want to make your family members or friends to be scared enough that they scream out loud then tell them to play the Maze game.  Yes this game is one of the scariest games you ever wanted to play.  This game has three levels where you have to direct a red square shaped point at the end of the maze without touching the wall and if your square touch the wall you have to start it all over again. You will easily get through the 2nd level and will reach the third level with a great ease and without a stop in between. No, it is not over, yet the real game is going to start now.

Now the third level or you can say the scariest level of the game has arrived. You will quietly concentrate on the game where you have to direct the red point to the end of the maze. But it will stop moving abruptly and you will try to move it. Then suddenly you will be welcomed by a loud scream of a ghost of The Exorcist, Miss Linda Blair who will pop up to give you a death. Whoa!! I am getting Goosebumps even writing about it. It is really a Scary game.

But a new type of game has entered this scary world and that is the Justin Bieber maze game. This is not so scary and actually a version of the original maze game. In this version of the game you have to save Justin Bieber by directing the red square to reach for him. You will listen to one of his famous songs and BANG!!! You are again greeted by the same ghost. But this time you will be less scared as Justin Bieber is there to relieve you with his funny faces.

Coming back to our maze game you will get the best reaction of the people if you let them wear the headphones convincing them with the excuse of fantastic sound effects. And tell them not to concentrate on other things but just the game itself. Dim out the lights to have a shady and dark room to enhance the scary feeling so that person can get really very scared. Make sure you keep this game out of contact from heart patient and children with poor heart as it will make the poor souls really sick.

Enjoy this game and the responses. Do not forget to do the mentioned things to get better response and scary environment and just enjoy the scare of the game.

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