Scary maze game 831st october will come back soon. So here is an updated version of our Halloween Maze Game. Is this celebration observed in your country? You don’t want to miss an opportunity to go out and have fun! But before going to a party, or if you plan to stay at home, you should try this game.

We didn’t change the main idea as well as the mission, we just made it more interesting. Well, lets begin. There are several levels in Scary Maze Game 8 and in each level you should make your way without touching anything like walls or other things. For example, in the first level there is a pumpkin, you have to reach the heart of the pumpkin without touching anything. In the 2nd level there is a dinosaur on the scene, you have to reach it’s tail without hitting anything else…..In the 3rd level….oh why I am telling you anything about the game….play the game to find out what happens in the 3rd level and what a surprise is waiting for you at the end of the game. It will be much better to play the game in Fullscreen mode with sounds On.

Hope you will enjoy the game very much and share the game with you friends too. is working hard to provide the best scary maze games available today as well as creates it’s own. For webmasters and people who would like to embed the game or even upload the game at their website- You can make it for free but the you should put a direct link to this page at your website. Just leave in comments your email, and I will send the game to you, or click the icon below to Download Scary Maze Game 8.

Published by Erwan

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