Bubble-Maniac-smallThose of you who are lovers of exciting games and also have a desire for entertaining and terrifying games then the  bubble maniac (scary game) is the perfect choice for you. In order to play these games you need a steady pair of hands so that you are able to achieve the goal. You can easily get this game for your computer as well as your Smartphone or tablets such as the iPhone and iPad. The Scary Maze Game is certainly an ideal way by which you can easily frighten your mates or family.

When you play this game you will encounter 4 stages which have to be played out. Its visual appearance is similar to the original maze game. When you take a look at the game you will realize that it is simply the original and regular maze game. On playing the game only will the player come to know that there is terrifying thing which show up in the game. If you really wish to frighten your family/friends you will have to make positive that the volume is actually turned up loud. For an excellent result you will have to offer the gamer the headphone. For an optimum effect you can mount a hidden camera to record the player's response as this will be a very funny and exciting moment to witness.

In order to play the game you will have to drag the little blue square to the huge green square taking all possible cautions in not getting into contact with the wall or the black area. You should also remember to remain in the route area. The best part of the game comes when you reach the 4th and the last stage of the game. Whenever the player drags the blue square to arrive at the goal area, the scary face as well as the unpleasant scream will be visible on the display. It is then that the user will certainly be freaked out and you will laugh loudly at them.

In a nutshell this game is actually a very good program and more so if you are able to play it on an iPad as it is the iPad which will be able to provide you a big display screen.

So what are you waiting for get your own scary maze game NOW! Hence you would have learnt all about the bubble wrap maniac and the scary games.

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