Scary Maze Game 1 2 3

Scary Maze Game, or SMG is a small flash game which is used for one reason: prank on your friends and have fun. Can't tell you more or it won't be very interesting to play it yourself :D.


Hitler plays the Scary Maze Game

Hitler plays scary maze game

Transcription: – Fegelein has sent us a game called “the scary maze game“. – He wants you to try it out my Führer! – Fine. It won’t do any harm…


The scariest ad ever in the world is japanese

Fear this advert 2

Here you will find two “nice” adverts to watch… and to show to your friends ;). This Japanese ad starts with a scary drive and snowy conditions when suddenly… A…


Halloween Maze Game prank online

Scary maze game 8

31st october will come back soon. So here is an updated version of our Halloween Maze Game. Is this celebration observed in your country? You don’t want to miss an…


Scary Maze Game 3 unblocked: play free online

scary maze game 3

The Prince Lost Forever Do you remember the Prince of Persia franchise ? Here is another lost Prince with Scary Maze Game 3. He had somehow escaped the dungeon and…


The Maze Game: 1, 2, 3… GO!

The maze game

Should I scare my friends all the way or make them watch The Exorcist first? Now that is a nasty idea folks. We are happy that you are finally getting…


Maze Game 2: waiting skilled players

Maze Game 2

What happens is that the person has to use all his concentration to be able to win that game. His adrenaline rush has already increased and he looks at the…


Scariest maze game ever in the world?


Which scary maze game if the most frightening? Well, the classic maze game that appeared in 2003 is the best till date. However, one of the problems you can face…


New Year Scary Maze Game

New Year Maze

New Year Maze Game was developed by in December 2012. We tried to create an interesting and funny maze game and i think we succeeded. Well, not let me…


Scary Maze Game 2: ready to play online for free?

scary maze game 2

Why the Exorcist and not anything else? If you have ever seen the movie or read the book on which it was based, you would not be asking this question….


Scary Maze Game 1 level: not for kids

Scary Maze Game 1

A really simple but challenging online puzzle game  Online games are popular methods of relaxation in today’s busy life, where most of the time of the day is spent before…


Scary Maze X: really really don’t hit the wall

scary maze

Story of this maze : another lost man looking for the exit. He gave up. His mind had stopped working and we was now too tired to run. He fell…


Scary Maze Game 7: no way to hack or to cheat


Online games have now become the most fascinating way of unwinding from the whole day’s work stress of a person. The different kinds of prank games are now available online,…


Scary Maze Game 6 on your screen

scary maze game 6

Scary Maze Game 6: should I laugh or should I play? There are two ways to handle this situation. The first one is to stop the drama here itself and…


Scary Maze Game Exorcist Girl Face

Scary Exorcist Game

If your kids are fond of online games and love to try the new ones then give them a chance to play the scary exorcist game. It is one of…


Scary Maze Game 5 Japanese Version

Scary Maze Game 5

People who have played the maze games are always waiting for something new to come their way. It is because of the simple reason that the maze games are full…


New Scary Maze Game: no surprise

New Scary Maze Game

New SMG or New Scary Maze Game is the flash game developed by the administration of this website. It is ordinary maze game with simple mission- reach the target, here…


Bubble Wrap Maniac Game: Scary Popping


Those of you who are lovers of exciting games and also have a desire for entertaining and terrifying games then the  bubble maniac (scary game) is the perfect choice for…


Maze Of Shadow: better than bionicle and grimrock

maze of shadow

It is a fact that everyone has heard about the infamous scary maze game and even the maze of shadow. It is because of this rise in popularity that this…


Save Justin Bieber Scary Maze Game

Justin bieber maze game

If you want to make your family members or friends to be scared enough that they scream out loud then tell them to play the Maze game.  Yes this game…


Worlds Hardest Game: smart people wanted


Worlds Hardest Game is not as easy as it seems at first look. In fact, it is the worlds hardest maze game.  In Worlds Hardest Game there is not such…


Hit The Dot (scary maze game 4)

Hit The Dot

If you are fond of playing different games, try the flash games which are really exciting as well as different. Though there are a variety of flash games that you…


Scary Color Vision Deficiency Blindness Test


Flash games are very interesting and that is why most of the gamers prefer them. Every game has a certain motive for the people and by combining the fun elements…


Scary and Crazy Maze Game DX

scary maze game dx

Flash games are very impressive and this is the reason that people love to try various games which are amazing and just excellent. If you are looking for an exciting…


Scary maze game 9: spot the differences

scariest maze game

Flash games are considered to be very appealing owing to the effects that are integrated into the game. Most of the people get fascinated with its effects and are pursued…


Shakey Mcgee’s Needle Threading Challenge

Needle threading challenge

If you like the maze games, you can try a number of games in that category. One of the newly added games in this category is the scary needle game….


Hardest Maze Game? Your chance to test!


The series of maze games has been really amazing and that is why people are looking forward to explore some more games that are just excellent. With the new addition…

About the Scary Maze Game

There are a lot of different scary maze games available on the internet today, and most of the are very popular. Are you interested why these games become so popular, why people share this games on facebook, send link to their friends asking to play the game? The answer is simple - there is surprise in each game, but no one knows were it will pop out. In fact, Scary Maze Game(SMG) is the best way to prank on your friends, all you have to do is to send the link to the game.


How To Play Scary Maze Game?

Scary Maze Game is a puzzle game or an action game. It is kinda game where the most useful skill is concentration. I am sure, that if you play the SMG , you will share the game with your friends and ask them to play it too. To play the game, mouse is all you will need. Move the small object to the END point, yeah, it sounds rather easy, but try praying the game and you will realize that it is very difficult. All versions of Scary Maze Game can be played at


How Many Levels are there in SMG ?

That's secret, I won't tell you because it would be not interesting for you to play the game. There are not many levels in the game so won't take long to finish the game.


Can I download and use your games?

Sure, you can. All you have to do is to add a link saying that the official developer is

Published by Erwan.

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